Our Veterans and their dogs are guaranteed a lifetime of aftercare.  After placement the team returns
home, our staff follow up with each partnership to enquire how they're working together.  
If follow up training is requested, one of our field service representatives will work with them
to provide personalised attention in their home environment as they adjust to their daily routine.
The Charity has our own Approved Trainers who are skilled assistance dog instructors who
support our programme throughout the UK.  They provide 1-2-1 training in the Veterans
home region, they assist with in-home training, graduate follow-up training and aftercare
if necessary.
Once a dog is placed in a Veteran’s home, an Approved Trainer will be their main contact
during the training programme and are there to support the development of the
partnership with any training needs.
We are committed to providing quality follow-up services to our Veterans for the
entire working life of the assistance dog partnership.
We have clear policies, procedures and standards of practice to ensure the health and wellbeing
of our dogs, including those in the day to day care of our representatives (ie staff, clients and volunteers).
This includes health and veterinary support; physical care; socialisation and training programmes;
the placement of dogs; working practices; safety and security; and retirement.
Veterans With Dogs continues to provide aftercare for each partnership once training is completed.
This is determined by each individual's needs and can include a number of different elements from
routine visits to continuation training, as many of our Veterans enjoy the contact time this allows.
We also keep an overview of how the partnership are managing in general, whilst allowing the
partnership to continue developing their own independence and we are able to offer activities
that maintain inclusivity with us.


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